Has Ibrahimovic Replaced Etoo?

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Sports

By Weam Al Dakheel

Ibra vs Etoo
The Swedish Magician Had Already Replaced Eto’o in Barca’s Hearts

After an impressive start with 11 goals and 6 assists thus far in all competition, the number ‘9’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic has proved himself exceedingly with the “highly competitive nature,” said Guardiola (Barcelona coach) he embraces on the pitch that makes him an exceptional striker with ability to score rare goals. He has a unique football perspective to the game relies to enjoy as much as possible in the performance of duties, does not tend to play classical at all, not like an easy way to score goals. What he does with the ball difficult if not impossible for others to do.
After his superb finish of the lob goal, assisted by Messi, against tough Xerez last week in la liga competition, followed by his late brilliant strike last Saturday against “well organized” Deportivo La Cronia, all this lead one to wonder, would Eto’o have been able to juggle a touch of the quality that Zlatan has to place the ball into the white basket so calmly, with so much confidence? As he celebrated the goal before the ball punched the net!
So far, the best of Zlatan came out at the start of the league, as he needed himself in a good performance mainly to gain the public’s faith, many of whom were and maybe still unconvinced with the necessity of his services. He has significantly helped his teammates, as in return he also took his chances from his them perfectly. Messi has been so far his number ‘1’ server. The Ballon d’Or winner has been his main assistant who served him four passes to convert into goals, with the Brazilian winger Daniel Alves and the French defender Eric Abidal providing two assists each.
But, and this is a big but, that does not mean Eto’o is incomparable with the quality of Ibra. Perhaps Eto’o could have scored from the same position taking his assists in a totally different way and less attractive fashion with the ball.
And to answer the claims surrounding Ibrahimovic’s poor record in big games, it is enough to remind you of his striking and winning goal (1-0) in the Clasico against Real Madrid which is considered the biggest and historical game of the season. He came on the pitch in early second half with a straight observation for the game and high motivation, which he spread every time he gets on the pitch. With his presence, Barca has a whole new dimension of football quality that Eto’o failed to bring to the green football table.
Ibra appeal. Yes, his appealing football character that allowed him to slot into Barcelona’s beautiful style perfectly. He said in an interview to Barca TV in his first week after joining the Blugrana: “I’ve joined a winning team. Do you know what this means? You have to get better each day and I am ready for that from now. There is no room to relax, you are the winner and you have to show it in every game. That’s exciting. ”
You are exciting Ibracadabra!! Electrifying your viewers with your magical football, remarkable goal scoring record that respectively raise a thumb for you and despite being a proven player with a terrific league record got off to an outstanding start with the Blugranas in just 15 games so far. He had already won the hearts of Barca and their respect by giving him warm standing ovations every time he steps in or off the pitch.
He is the new Camp Nou hero. Admired for his stylish show, tactical tricks and the classiness performance with the ball together with his commitment to success. He assured the Camp Nou fans “I will be on next year’s Champions League final poster! I will be on the Bernabéu poster (laughs). You’ll see. This is our mentality and our strength. It would be really beautiful to win at the Bernabeu.” Well-said Ibra!
In spite of some may argue the decision to replace the Cameroonian lion (Etoo) with the Swedish magician. In this case I believe it was the right decision to grab Ibrahimovic’s from San Siro to Camp Nou and drive Eto’o on his way to Italian champions Internazionale
p.s With Ibra this current FC Barcelona squad has actually gained the best league start ever in the entire 110-years of the club history with 36 points in 14 games. Another win on Saturday against Espanyol at the Nou Camp, would equal Terry Venables’ team’s 84-85 records of 15 games without defeat.
To answer the title’s question I say, “this is how life sweet for Barca when they have the number ‘9’ as their clock engine, but from a Swedish brand!”

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