Proud to be a Barcelonista

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Sports

Weam al dakheel

BARÇA, the football inspiration

Since I became conscious of my football instinct, what I always had, and still have Faith in, is Barca. Never matters dropping points, going from superiority to chaos, losing the lead in the league competition and champions league, playing without our cracks (Ibrahimovic, Messi, Henry and Toures) in crucial matches, and never doubted the Catalan alluring football to last, never ever!! Simply because it is Barca, back to the origins of “La Masiah”, will always impress and interest with their Red and Blue Magic.
People started to say end of the hegemony cycle, they are joking? Aren’t they?
While going back to the last crucial games when Barcelona played the Italian leaders Inter Milan in the Champions League and their cocky rivals Real Madrid in the Spanish League (La Liga) they turned the table upside down as leaders in both Leagues, leaving Madrid struggling to catch them, IF THEY CAN, and Inter Milan hoping for a Miracle to happen in San Siro in order to qualify for the champions league.
Beautiful Barca, who is deadly in love with the ball, showed the entire football community once again, that when they turn on their engines, they transform to wild beasts that are hungry for nothing but goals, dedicating their fans prestigious triumphant win that we enjoy with every breath we take for the constant 90 minutes of the game. And still want more!
Although the passionately of playing against Barcelona in front of the crowds of the mighty stadium Camp Nou, every opponent out there will try to stop them instead of playing them. They will try to figure out the magical recipe that would ultimately shush the Catalan powerhouses.
Yes, unfortunately there are teams out there who buried their football style under the grass of Camp Nou the minute they face Barcelona. They are useless teams stupid enough to ruin their year match by floating on the pitch… how pity!! They forget to play their real identity with the ball, and here is the lesson: what you win on one side of the pitch, you may lose in another if not both, maybe in a killing minute. And after all the Defensive efforts, the results would turn morally unaccepted for them beside the animalistic protection they demonstrate on their green box. It is a price they deserve, which is absolutely an appetizing DEFEAT I enjoy the most.
In fact, all the games Barca has played so far this season in all competitions, the opponents are nothing but a bunch of boring defenders who are hypothetically playing the CincoChampions (Five Champions), doing nothing but Running…running…running and running!!
We see dizzy players who cant take the weight of their boots and almost vomiting from the rapid circulation of Barca’s style of play. They are just floating all over the field, and chasing after a dream, to catch the ball.

After all, it is normal to see how Barcelona is envied for their football philosophy that can’t be imitated nor purchased. The perfections itself on the pitch is a mind-blowing, you witness it exploding in Camp Nou and you start mouth-watering hysterically. Absolutely you become in love… from the very first moment with no sense of doubt, Never!!
Really I am overwhelmed, it is such a brilliant job these men are doing, they made all the Barcelonista proud of them, way till the end with no sense of doubt, Never!! It is a message for all, yes, read it well: A Message for All.

Finally, Florentino Peres I say to you, “There is no money in the world that can force or buy Barca’s style, you B…….. Madrista ”


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