”How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live” Questionnaire

Posted: March 10, 2010 in New Media 2010

Name three industries mentioned in article that are being dramatically changed by twitter:


1. Business Industry
As Twitter is growing massively, it has increasingly become a network where companies build their brands’ names, do evaluations, send information and invitations to customers, as well as creating communities for their users. Noteworthy, a big number of celebrities and public figures use twitter to communicate with their followers as well. Therefore, twitter has become a gigantic network with 32 million users, which is absolutely a massive community with important commercial value in the sense of communication.
And how would Twitter will permanently change American business within the next two to three years?
Based on examinations and deep researches of Twitter’s model, the way that corporations and small businesses are currently using the service and some of the logical extensions of how companies will use Twitter in the future demonstrated optimistic and high economical outcomes that will boost the American Market.

2.Advertisement industry
Twitter is rapidly building a large name in the world of advertisements, and in return receiving deals reaching millions of dollars. In addition, Microblogging site Twitter, has been offered half a million dollars to feature a single banner advertisement on its pages for just one day, by uSocial, a company that specializes in marketing products and services through the social-networking website. “While $500,000 may seem like a large amount to invest in one banner for one day, we believe that the investment will be more than worth it,” said Leon Hill, CEO of uSocial told Telegraph. The investments between twitter and the advertisement market is nothing but a big cashing in for the benefit of both parties. Although Twitter has not responded to whether or not the advertisement can go ahead, the site currently does not feature advertising of any kind. However, the company’s founders have been mulling over these options as they are looking for a sustainable business model for the microblogging venture.


3.Educational industry
A Social network is the perfect combination of modern educational system and rapid learning methods. For example, many of the teachers, professors and doctors consider twitter as the ideal way of teaching. In twitter, professors have the variety of options in selecting the instructions for their students such as classroom activity, Seminar discussion, conference, collaboration, exchange information, room change, reading list, and the use of Library. In addition, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will continue to rule students’ time. Therefore, the teaching system should be engaging education throughout social networking and in return obtain a supreme advantage of the new media technology. In addition, the educators should keep abreast of the latest new media developments and should be brought up to speed on new technology along with the students.

What is #hackedu (the origin of Hashtag)?


From the idea of twitter open conversation a step was taken forward to improve educational transformation. It is called Hacking Education. #hackedu is about the intersection of education within the use of technology. Beginning from a small, private affair: 40-odd educators, entrepreneurs, scholars, philanthropists and venture capitalists, all engaged in an expansive six-hour conversation about reconstructing the schools’ system, and enhancing the educational level, thousands of running feed of tweets were displayed on a giant screen in the room where the conversation (confrence) took place. It all started on twitter, when it was announced that anyone who wanted to post live commentary about the event via Twitter should include the word #hackedu in his 140 characters “What’s happening?” box.


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