Project What Does NEW MEDIA Mean To You

Posted: May 3, 2010 in New Media 2010

I am preparing for my NEW MEDIA project, in which I have to interview three people from different age groups. The objective of choosing these three people is to question their minds about SOCIAL MEDIA.

social media

What is social media?
To be honest, at first (before my social media class) I had no clue what social media can really add to my life. From, Twitter, Scribble, WordPress, WAN, TweetDeck, Tweets, Live Coverage, WIFI, Blogging…etc, all are contemporary terms, which I wasn’t fully aware of their significance. SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS basically allows you to engage dynamically within a gigantic bubble, called new media world!

Who are the three people I chose for my interviews?

First, Morinah from Philippine, who is working as a part-time cleaner for dorm students. Maybe some would be asking why the choice came on her. Well, Morinah is an expert-internet user. From surfing networks, skyping with her family in Philippines, downloading music from iTunes, and purchasing hair product from the Internet, this is how Morinah experience new media technologies within her simple live.

1. What does skype mean to you?
2. Do you know Twitter? If yes, whom are you following? And how did you figure out there is something called Twitter on earth?
3. Do you have a facebook account?
4. What was the last technology device you have bought?
5. Are you planning to get a BlackBerry to stay updated through your mobile phone 24/7?

Second, Hiba Alosta, a 17 years old student. Why would I ask a young teenage about NEW SOCIAL MEDIA. Well, I figured out that they are the most active and well-informed users about ‘The Socialism of Media,’ a term I just invented by now!! And by the way, the 18 classmates of my brother in high school have BlackBerries, with Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo all downloaded in their curves and bolds!

1. Since when do you have BlackBerry?And how many tweets do you have up till now?
2. What can you tell me about NEW SOCIAL MEDIA? How it is affecting your life generally, and your daily bases activities specifically?
3. If I sentenced you not to use your bb for one day, can you describe for me your conditions?
4. What newness NEW SOCIAL MEDIA is adding to your life?
5. What is your most visited website, and why ?

Third, Mohannad Zahran, LAU interior design student. Since he was a young kid he had a habit of collecting new gadgets and playing video games. He is a big fan of all media kinds even primary ones like pagers!! He is a genius in dealing with complicated machines, and spends 30 minutes breaking down an iPod! Last but not least, he stays connected to his outside world 24/7 through his BB and iPhone both in one hand!

1. BB and iPhone, how can you describe your interaction within NEW SOCIAL MEDIA technologies throughout your daily life?
2. What was your first post on Twitter about?
3. Do you think of doing your own website, to publish your projects and drawings?
4. How much time you spend online?
5. Do you know what a blog is? Do you have one?


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