Foursquare, A Worldwide Rubiks Cube

Posted: May 10, 2010 in New Media 2010

By Weam Al Dakheel


What is foursquare?

Foursquare is a four square, I mean: it is a location where you search for locations to search other locations inside a square called foursquare. It is a mobile social network application, founded by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai and is based in New York City, in which you share with friends your location in any spot around the world by ‘checking in” via your iPhones , Blackberries, and Nokias, (called smartphones).
In addition, you can still connect your foursquare account to your facebook and Twitter account. By ‘checking in’ you are actually giving updates to your friends ‘where you are’ and what actually you are doing at that TIME and PLACE! This just awesome! You can actually update whomever you have on your list (make sure the people you ditched are not included) the place you are chilling at, few minute maybe a surprise…they all would join you! For that, I will not use it when I am in hide from a person, or a friend! But for any other reason I will be stuck in the foursquare location, chasing people, and updating them at the same time.
Above the process of installation and registration is effortless, very easy. You just need four clicks and you are in a worldwide cube, foursquare!
Visit the website and start adding tips, to-do list. It is so exciting when you actually have the opportunity to give feedbacks, comments, tips, and lists knowing that you are offering this to 4o million foursquare users around the world. I have a target in foursquare, I don’t want to enter this square without being at least a mayor of three or five places around the world, not only in my current city, Beirut. The three places in Beirut I would like to become the mayor of is ABC mall Ashrafiah, AlMayyas and Laziz Restaurant:)

Welcome to foursquare! It is a message from foursquare social network, let’s check it.
We’re all about helping you find new ways to explore the city.
We’ll help you meet up with your friends and let you earn points and unlock badges for discovering new places, doing new things and meeting new people. [Learn more!]
If you own a bar or restaurant, foursquare can help you find new ways to connect with your customers. If you’re a developer, check out the foursquare API. Now you can follow your international cube (foursquare) on Twitter and Tumblr for the latest updates! When we say Social Networking it is always related to escalating your social circle by meeting new friends, professionals, and interacting with outsider people. This is exactly what foursquare offers you can to know new individuals, and places.

application mobile

But still what about business deals and opportunities?
Foursquare may not offer you this business services directly, but still you can take advantage of the consumers in foursquare social network. It is your chance to have a two-way communication with under water buyers, above all wit less time and cost. It is a business in social networks. How easy it can be? You find your friends and consumers in split seconds answering your message, updates, tweets, post…etc. It is unlimited spaced world that allow you the apportunity to advertise with no cost???
While social networking you can always ask for their help to give you a few pointers and e-mail addresses and you can be on your way to contact many more individuals who could benefit your business.

So why NOT?? Take advantage of social networking and use it instead of spending your precious time and money on placing pricey advertisements in newspapers, TV, and magazines. With social networking you have it all.
Free-cost advertisements, easy way of communication, saving time and money, gain a reputation rapidly, low cost marketing, after all you become rich in 15 minutes, or maybe less or more you never know!

My Foursquare Page

My Foursquare Page

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