Think… But Creative

Posted: May 10, 2010 in This Is Life

By Weam Al Dakheel

Creative Thinking

Why Creative thinking?
This kind of thinking that we all possess in our brains is the innate ability to recognize things around us and convey it into our own form of art. Distinction is what makes you a creative individual who sees new things from the same thing. It is your creative eye that enables you seeing with your own visual perception rather than obvious point of view, which is called ‘logical observation’ as seeing bird as a bird, tree as a tree, and fish as a dog… joking!! However, following the progress of your creative thinking, creative vision becomes as natural as breathing, and when this appears, you deserve to be called a creative individual.

So Lets start thinking!
What would you think of an apple? Red Fruit, Apple Candy, iPod, iPhone, MacBook logo, Adam and Eve, Apple Juice, Bloody Diamond …etc. Well, if you answers were similar to those above, then I am sorry to tell you that you are not considered as a creative human! And you need some tips:

1.Learn more about yourself in the way you understand things, topics, emotions, objects…etc. Deepen your self-knowledge by learning your real strengths, weaknesses, potentials, skills, and fears.

2.Find for yourself a place in creative hobbies (Drawing, reading, mountain climbing, photography, wood working…). Hobbies can also help you to find time to discover yourself in a very individualistic and original way.

3.Engage yourself outside your specialty. Use Awareness as your weapon in a strange world to you. And never give up on knowing things you actually don’t know.

Awareness is necessary for creative growth.
Awareness is your key. It is the essential gear to speed up the work of creativity and problem solving mechanism and the only savior when curiosity dies!

5 minutes

Take a couple of minutes, and imagine the world with everyone really thinking creative. How would it be? Again, think creative!
Good Luck☺


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