What Is New Media Mean to You? Now Released, Check it out:D

Posted: May 17, 2010 in New Media 2010

By Weam Al Dakheel

social network

Imagine yourself in a world that is full of options, opportunities, entertainment, fast communication, commenting on profiles, having random friendships or relationships, joining groups and having discussions, receiving breaking news so that you would be from the first to know, and above all it cost nothing. Well, this is a quick and a modern definition of new media technologies from an LAU student, Weam Al Dakheel. This exactly how I personally can describe what is social media for me so in order for you to understand my individualistic perception on social media!

For you to understand what is social media you should distinguish between new media and new social media. It is exactly the mother and her daughter! To elaborate more; social media is social news, social activities and interactions within peers throughout new media. If you have new media as a chocolate, then social media is the icing on top of the flavor.

ayman itani

In my social media class, taught by Ayman Itani, our last project is about new media technology. I had to interview three different people (age, name and position) asking them five questions per each. Well, I had no shock from the people’s reactions. Whenever I ask people for interviews, since my major is journalism, they just run away and give excuse. But for this project people whom I interviewed or asked them for were totally satisfied. You know why? It is social media! I come to them saying,” do you mind asking you about facebook, twitter, wordpress, or hotmail”? They would definitely agree with a smile on the face. Again, because it is social media, a place where you narrate your story in life without even recognizing the value of doing that in a stored memory for life.

The first video:
Mohannad zahran is a big freak of technology!! He just made it easy for me to control the camera and keep asking. While recording the minute I started recording, he just kept describing his passion and interest for social and new media aspects in life.
tec world

As I mentioned on my first post about the project that since he was a young kid he had a habit of collecting new gadgets and playing video games. He is a big fan of all media kinds even primary ones like pagers!! He is a genius in dealing with complicated machines, and spends 30 minutes breaking down an iPod! Last but not least, he stays connected to his outside world 24/7 through his BB and iPhone both in one hand!

The second video:
i hate tec

Wassim Dakhour, is a formal student who is majoring in political science and international affairs. I expected him to give me a pro user attitude, but it turned the other way. I recognized while interviewing him and after that, when we discussed broadly what is social media, that he is partly against social media put not media in general, remember how we distinguished the differences between the two terms. For Wassim social media has disadvantages more than advantages for that he would not want to drag himself more into the gigantic bubble of social media that provide you with two-way communication.

The third video:
love tec

Mona Hammood, is a Moroccan LAU student, Beirut. She lived in Dubai for six years, and suddenly she had to move to Lebanon. “Leaving your friends and community is really hard for you to muddle through easily after a long life time,” said Mona. But what makes it much easier for Mona to cope is what social media can offer her. She can now Skype, update, talk, and communicate with her friends and family rapidly and addictively! I felt her passion and enthusiasm! For me, Mona was totally excited while talking and discussing with me what is social media as she missed her appointment with a friend to keep on loving social media talks more and more.

In addition, I recorded the first video with G10 Canon Camera. The other two I used my BlackBerry curve for recording. I didn’t find any difficulties with the Canon, nor my BB. I uploaded the videos with a Bluetooth device for the videos on my BB, and the Canon photo device for the video I took with my Camera. In totality it took me 10 minutes for the process of uploading and more than an hour to download my videos on youtube, because the Internet connection in Lebanon just sucks!

At first, I started editing my videos with the iMovie program on Mac. I enjoyed working, editing, and adding effects to my videos. But the worse part is that I didn’t save my work and it all vanished in seconds. To use iMovie is not that difficult, it is more professional than any other editing programs such as moviemaker. I had it difficult to save up my work and have it separately from the video lists on the program itself. After that, I ended up editing and adding subtitles and annotations on youtube. I tried to use this application, suggested from the teacher, http://captiontube.appspot.com/help/ but I just found it very difficult to follow up and complete the editing part.

master class
I really enjoyed doing this project. Maybe because I was understandable what can social media add positively to you as a living entity. It never goes the wrong way only if you decided to do it that way. For this project I had no feelings that I would get bored nor fed up from doing it. Overall, it was a beneficial experience to me, to keep me with an eye open on social media adventures and the other one on you, my followers☺

To conclude my proposal on my media project, I would like to share with you a story that really left a strong impression on me.
Nothing serious! It is all about me. I was unknowledgeable about what is social media about? From facebook, twitter, and blogging it all went right, as it never has been planned. Now, I am sharing part of my public and private life with millions throughout an oversized network. And above all my blog carried this month above 1000 viewers. I just want to thank you all for making this blog means to you much than me.

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New Media Project Released on Twitter

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