Reflection on lausocial Class New Media Project

Posted: May 20, 2010 in New Media 2010

By Weam Al Dakheel


For the past years, the entire buzz in the world of technology and networking has been about social media. Social media is an unlimited websites that provide its users fast media tools. It is all combined in a locality of sites aimed at sharing texts, media, photos, videos, and sources. News aggregation and online references and sources are also counted in the social media market of communication.
For you to understand what is social media you should distinguish between new media and new social media. It is exactly the mother and her daughter! To elaborate more; social media is social news, social activities and interactions within peers throughout new media. If you have new media as a chocolate, then social media is the icing on top of the flavor!


In our social media class, taught by Ayman Itani, our last project is about new media technology. We had to interview three different people (age, name and position) asking them five questions per each about new media technology. Well for me, I had no shock from the people’s reactions. Whenever I ask individuals for interviews, since my major is journalism, they just run away and give excuses. But for this project people whom we interviewed were totally satisfied. You know why? It is social media! We ask them “do you mind answering questions about new media, like facebook, twitter, wordpress, or hotmail”? They would definitely agree with a big smile on the face. Again, because it is social media! A place where you narrate your story in life without even recognizing it is stored in a memory for life.

In the process of doing the project and interviewing individuals, we found both similarities and differences in their reflection and perception about social media. The first category: pro social media technology, they were more aware of new media as a technology revolution because they are active users online and realize the importance of new media nowadays, and how it is promising for the long future. The second category: pro facebook, they relate social media concepts to facebook activities, such as notifications, wall posts, profile information, events invitations, and profiles information. The third and last category: partly against social media. In other words, they are against bushfire of rumors that can be spread worldwide. For them this is where the disadvantage comes in. It is hard to carry out damage control when you are dealing with social media, the gigantic network world. “Bare in mind your good reputation can be soiled within minutes,” said Mohannad Zahran one of the interviewers for “what does new media mean to you?” project.

smart phones

In addition, we were asked by our instructor Ayman Itani to record the videos with our smart phones. The process of uploading the videos in our personal channels on youtube was the long part of the project. In totality it took the class a ratio of 30 minutes of the upload on youtube simply because the Internet connection in Lebanon just sucks!

The editing part was optional, such as adding effects, and cutting unnecessary parts from the videos. What was required is the video subtitles in our youtube channels. Some of the students replaced subtitles with annotations on youtube as a smart alternate since it is really easier than following up with

At the end, the lausocial class students are considered active bloggers by now. Hopefully by reading our blogs we can offer you valuable knowledge that can be applied positively in your daily life. There are many experiences and skills to be explored in this world; hopefully some of it can be share at lausocial blogs so that we can always offer you the best of the best in the blogosphere.


Social Networking Tips


1.Involve yourself expertly in sites such as Twitter, and facebook while posting for your blog. You are going to boost your blogs viewers. Remember, you can’t just post something in your blog, and wait for readers to visit and read!
2.If you can’t say something in someone’s face, don’t lose your determination in saying it. Your blog is your narrator. Just write what you really want to say about, and make your blog as personal as you can. This way, you are considered as practiced and proficient blog user.
3.If social media networks are there to fulfill your true prospective and potentials, then it needs to reflect and echo the wisdom of your own storytelling.
4.Avoid the typical copy-paste writing! No one would be interested in reading bunch of Wikipedia information that is found easily in Google!
5.Make you blog your professional reference. Protect your identity as a blogger online. Social profiles are public to Internet surfers, and if you want to share pictures or videos of a crazy night out you better ensure that only trusted friends could see them.
5.Make yourself close to your readers. Personalize your post and chatter with your readers. If you have a personal blog that doesn’t mean you are unique unless
you intended to be that way.



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