The Prodigality of Life in Offering Pleasures

Posted: May 23, 2010 in This Is Life

These simple pleasures guarantee you a more cheerful life.

By Weam Al Dakheel

Life has its own mysterious ways to be generous to you. It does offer you cheerful moments that are truly simple pleasures free with no charge. These joyful boost packages help you in carrying out your day with a smile on the face. But…the idea of you being sloppy to appreciate your precious pleasures shall only make you apart from them maybe in split seconds. It’s either you cross through them celebrating or not even anticipating!
For me, the simple pleasure in life happens when I wake up suddenly at night and realize I have more time to sleep before my 8-morning class.

Yes, it is a pleasure when I squint over at my mobile alarm clock and realize I still have more time to sleep, like 2 to 3 hours. A cozy ecstatic feeling shoots though my body as I glide back to my sweet dreams. I am like “YESSS”…What a feeling!
Trust me it is not a coincident; we are all gifted at certain moments in our lives. Simply make it sound like this: these simple things, forms one gigantic gift bubble that showers you with euphoric moments in life.
Some of LAU students were full of awareness in recognizing their simple pleasures in life. It took them seconds to answer the question with so much of spirit. Tomfoolery, sincerity, and extreme openness…They had it all!


Bader Qaddah, major Prelaw, said: “ when my Black Berry not ringing for the whole day.”
Mohammad Chbaklo, major Marketing, said: “ driving along the coast of Beirut in the morning.”
Hiba, said: “ I like the idea, but I won’t mention my last name so guys in campus wont know who I am and the weird pleasure I have (she laughs). This what came to my mind when you first asked me the question. It is the eye contact I do with cute guys in campus, and I like it. It comes and goes quickly with so much of joy.”
Ranya Ayache, major Psychology, said: “ I am truly grateful for every small thing in life, every moment is a simple pleasure.”
Anonymous, “ I can’t believe I am going to say this. When I swim naked… Taraaaaa.”
Eleena Korban, major Journalism, said: “ my simple pleasure in life is when I get into a cab and hit it off with the cab driver, it will make me smile for the rest of the day.”
Lama al-haqhaq, major Journalism, said: “ a good cup of coffee!”
Saad Kanaan, major Marketing, said: “ when I discover a good rap song has came out.”


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