Geekfest Beirut… Ideology or Geekology?

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Miscellaneous Reports

Ya Charbel Aoun…I am a Geek!
By Weam Al Dakheel


Am I a ‘Geek’? Well, if you were there, you are probably considered as a geek or on the process to be an extreme one. I first recognized that when artist Charbel Samuel Auon came to me and asked this question, “are you a geek? I mean a person who is obsessed with something,” said Charbel.

Me (left), Charbel, Reef (right)

“To make it clear to you, it is called ‘sociable’,‘’ added Aoun with a French accent. Personally, I just starred at him, and said,” maybe, on the process to be one!’’ After a while when we ended up the conversation, I turned back to my friends and thought, ‘Yes, I am a GEEK, if not then what am I doing here?!’

By Charbel Aoun

Who is Carbel Aoun? He is an artist who explores a multitude of dimensions that he marks in one single painting through different sequences of light.

By Charbel Aoun

He draws the inner feeling of a society in a movement within different shapes; forms become clear, whether strips of light or transparent masses.

Me behind Aoun's paintings in Art Lounge

His paintings exist to enhance the spatial, social, temporal and psychological dimensions.

Brochures and Flyers at Art Lounge

Geekfest took place at Art Lounge (May 29, 2010) in the city’s Karantina district. It is a social event that brings the right feeling of togetherness to the geeks, who are involved in the online and twitter world and they’re to entertain, promote, or educate themselves in social networking and blogosphere.

Antoine Naaman (Centre)

The event brought together online innovators, web developers and designers, tweeple (a term describes the obsession of Twitter and tweets), bloggers (Lausocial and others), photographers all in one cozy place where we all felt good to be geeks. A group of local speakers presented from 8:45 till 10:15, in which all of the discussions encircled inside the social media gigantic world.

Geekfest speakers list

The breaking news is that Lausocial class created a big buzz in geekfest Beirut!

Thank You lausocial and Ayman Itani

Me, Lema, and Reef

Wearing their tags with names and hearing cheers and clapping all over the place, with all this cheerfulness atmosphere for lausocial, a big smile of proudness was drawn on Ayman Itani ‘s face. He is our instructor, and the master head in social media technology.

lausocial Class

lausocial with Ayman Itani

Seriously Ayman is our savior in this gigantic social media world. He just brought the utmost commitment out of us and coached us to be the ultimate survivors on twitter with a record reached more than 10,000 tweets by the end of the semester.

The interesting news is ”young leaders social media café”

Young Leaders Social Media Café (YLSMC) is a part of Young Leaders Visitors Program which was successfully launched in 2008

For more information, please visit

Me in Art Lounge Entrance

Me, Reef, and Isra with Geekfest T-shirts

  1. mohannad zahran says:

    You perfectly master what ever you design,write, or create. I love you my beautiful:) you are so intellegent wiii:)

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