The Arab World

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Arabs, upgrade but navigate!

By Weam Al Dakheel

How do Arabs deal with their required spatial use?

arab world

Edward Hall demonstrates in “The Arab World” a detailed evolution of the use of space, the correlated relationship between culture and perceptive of space. Additionally, he explains how Americans are experiencing the lack of understanding of what space, spatial needs and requirements means to cultural differences in the Arab region. Additionally, Hall combined the terms “proximity” and “paradox” in his analysis to mean a study of man’s use of space as a part of his culture. As he explained how Arabs are not experiencing any kind of outside ego and self-permission in which they evaporate their own ego down inside the body while interacting with the external world. He gave an example while referring to self-permission referring to the Arabic equivalent word to rape. Surprisingly, he was out of parallel terms in which I absolute disagree with him. Rape is listed in the prohibited agenda in the Arab world that calls for death penalty in some cases, and it is a major subject matter in customary humanitarian law.


Further more, Edward turned to explain how Arab live in a wide-open private sphere that made them more liberated in the public sphere in a way, distracting and eliminating others from their own security and privacy. He described the space inside the Arab homes as a huge structure comparing to the American standers with no partition to produce a sense of intimacy and family relationship. On the contrary, most of the Arab families are considered conservative, the concept of gender mixing is unacceptable from a very young age especially inside the house, for example, sharing the bedrooms and sleeping in same beds, showering or using the same bathroom. Therefore, houses in the Arab world are well known with their separation and disconnecting formation to avoid any interaction between males and females especially in the private gender sector.

gender segregation

Overall, I disagree in many personal concepts the author has demonstrated in this article especially after conceiving lots of personal comment and subjective perspectives that are sprinkled throughout the text. As a result, Edward hall seemed totally prejudiced, biased, subjective, one-sided, insufficient that lacked the well-built foundation to prove his claims right to different sides of readers with uncorrupted examination.

arab and proud

I believe that Arabism is a conceptual ideology that will only reflect societal perception on how Arabs answer the question of their own existence, and then believe why they actually survived as Arabs!!

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  2. reem says:

    well said! I found his article to be very racist and judgmental towards arabs as a whole, since not all arabs share the same ethics and culture

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