First Dates Nightmares (‘____’)!

Posted: June 9, 2010 in This Is Life

First and Last Date

“Did I seem boring?” “Why is he staring at my mouth?” “When shall I kiss her,” “I need a mirror now” “How to fake my Laugh, if he said something silly!”

Those are some statements and questions that come to your mind while dating someone for the first time. Normally, it is an emotional reflection to boost your self-image and triggers concern in new encounters. But remember, it takes just a quick glance, maybe five-seconds, for the person to judge you when you meet for the first time and it is almost unchangeable.

The Conversations between you and the person you are dating are based on verbal exchange. Don’t rush in asking questions, but prepare for them. Interesting questions is the best way to open the conversation and to keep it flowing. Use your common sense, and tell yourself – because it’s true – I CAN IMPRESS WITH MY INTUITIVE STYLE! But still, avoid total conformity in order not to lose the interesting part of your individuality and turn out to be ridiculous!

Remember, it is unchangeable:/

Bare in mind that the first impression you are giving can be nearly impossible to cancel out or undo, which means taking out the best of you in your first date is extremely important. For that, give more weight to your early-mentioned information than to later ones, and be in your most charismatic way at the beginning of the conversation. Remember, if he/she didn’t call you before going to bed the same day of the date, that means you was a total FAILURE!


Sarah A, Business student said, “All what I did is smiling, as they say smiling is a winner when it comes to great first dates. I had my mouth smiling and open all the time like this,”(she gave a big smile). “After all, it was a disaster, I was 15 years old.”
Mohannad Zahran, Interior Design student said, “It is weird to answer this question, since the person who is asking the question is my fiancé!’’
Stephany Bou Chdid, International Affairs student said, “I don’t date to have nightmares I examine too much before it even gets to a date.”

Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck F...

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