The sky is so blue that it looks fake, but I have the vision to paint white spots and bring it back to life.

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Women's Empowerment

blue sky

When you look to yourself as a single unit in this entire world, you may absurd the ability to bring yourself back to realism. Realizing the details of your existence is the perfect way to believe in YOU.
My Answer:
I am Weam. I dream nothing to achieve it all.

” I think myself is too small comparing to the whole world,” this is how my friend Farah described herself when she truly knew herself after along soul trip. Well, geographically speaking it is even unseen with the naked eyes how small you are comparing to this universe Booby, but subconsciously speaking it is the complete opposite.
My Answer:
I am Weam. I think of myself as too big for this world.

Why am I alive? I am asking you to ask yourself. Why are you alive? For me, although I question excessively in life, it was a matter of living and knowing not knowing but living. I question around me, not me. And it is the time for me to work on knowing me before dedicating me knowing around me. It sounds complicated but still understandable to me but not around me.
My Answer:
I am Weam. No one can understand me!

Now can you question me, after I gave you my answers?

  1. Farah Jouni says:

    I am Farah and i’m too big for this world!

  2. You are too big to be true!

  3. Ghada Sunbol says:

    I love what you wrote. “I AM GHADA AND I AM LOST IN THIS WORLD”; in other words “I AM TOO BIG FOR THIS WORLD!” 🙂

  4. Ghada you are just too good to be true in this world:) miss u girl

  5. david says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  6. Luma Jawhari says:

    its really making me think…i dont have an answer i sit and wonder that every single day. this article is my favorite so far keep up the good work weam!

  7. LUMA:) Thank you for passing, reading, and leaving your comment… I am glad you enjoyed reading this post..Maybe when we meet, we will find out more things we share in our anterior cingulate cortex..Again thank you for the support:)

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