Lebanon: The gender pay gap, despite the comparable skills women are still paid less.

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lebanese women have been recruited and associated with labor force more often within the past few years. Although their participation in the public sphere is highly recognized, they seem to face several obstacles that complicated their well to duties and one of them is the gender pay gap. The discrimination and gender stereotyping has relegated Lebanese women as a second-class category when it came to salaries.

“At the hearth of studies and public debates lies the gender discrimination hypothesis that for equal acquired skills the compensation accruing to males is greater than that accruing to females,” Said Abdullah Dah, ex-chairman of business school in LAU.

In other words, for salary pay, men will be at best experience increasing their labor and economic power, while women with comparable skills will be at average or the same experience declining their labor and economic power. The question is are Lebanese women facing an obstacle toward their economic growth?

The report illustrates examples of cases in which education couldn’t bring to a close the hegemony of gender wage gap in Lebanon. Ali Babki, for example is a senior student in LAU, majoring business in the morning and working as Salesman in the evening. “ From Monday to Saturday my work shifts vary between 6 to 8 hours. I preferred the evening shift so I can attend my classes regularly in the morning. My paycheck is handed in 4 payments, each per week, which has its advantages and that is to keep me motivated for more credits like bonuses. It’s quite a hectic job, but I enjoy doing it maybe for the 220 dollars I get paid weekly.” While Farah H, Graphic Design LAU student is working with Ali Babki as a saleswoman but she is making 90 to 160 dollars per week.

“From the universities attended, LAU and AUB graduates receive the highest earnings in local universities. LAU and AUB graduates receive 18.06 percent and 28.40 percent higher earnings respectively than a graduate from BAU,Said Dah.”

Aside from education as being a strong determinant of earning and the relationship between the educational level and income, there is an earning differential attributed to gender in Lebanon. According to the students salary range above with respect to education shows that males receive higher incomes than females. Therefore, Lebanese women may face various challenges and may require having comparable skills to be successful in the work place than their male counterparts.


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