Mykonos Town; When A Street Never Sees Sleep!

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Miscellaneous Reports

Mykonos, one of the world’s most sensational islands if not a piece of land from heaven. With it’s fabulous temperament and large cost scattered around the island every year Mykonos gets about 750,000 tourists that visit it. Walking around the Island means a journey into the past that narrates ancient Greek history with each step you make. In the centre of the town, you see visual impact of the Greek blue and white color scheme. If the blue component is crazy loud, white is an quiet; If the blue is a blue, white heart is a bliss.

As the body in the magic world, Mykonos Town Street with its many churches, pubs, and squares with all terraces having the ocean as their front yards; is the secret behind the quintessential of the Greek island. The more you walk with your plastic slippers and comfy outfit by the harbor, the more you explore that behind every corner in this island there is a surprise. Even on the womb of the sea sceneries are never taken by surprise.

During the day, the town street is wearing a white smile. Between the tiny passageways through the lively blue windows you see a natural burn island. When nature speaks, it speaks blue and white, Mykonos. With nature speaking, and sun dazzling lively beach activities are the highlight of Mykonos town street.The combination of the beautiful harbor, and the romantic sandy beaches trigers in you a brave desire to dive deeper beneath the ocean in which Amphorae and pots and the traces of the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire can be seen,

In the evening the party in Mykonos breaks loose, all around the city. And while bars and pubs are competing to sound louder than the other, the tourists stroll through the narrow streets and the port. This high-beat street never sleeps. Who ever enters the centre of the island at night turns to be a nocturnal creature, just like owls.

Spotted on the top of a small hill with traditional Mycenaean architecture, Mykonos Downtown is a brilliant blend of multi-cultured elements, with sophisticated luxury all surrounded by the great Peloponnesus mountains. The romance of the Aegean Sea combines the blue with white and pure simplicity in how to celebrate life day and night.


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