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My Music for Life

Posted: September 26, 2010 in This Is Life


The world is so silent that it feels vague, but I have the power to dig with my own hands and make the noise!


First and Last Date

“Did I seem boring?” “Why is he staring at my mouth?” “When shall I kiss her,” “I need a mirror now” “How to fake my Laugh, if he said something silly!”

Those are some statements and questions that come to your mind while dating someone for the first time. Normally, it is an emotional reflection to boost your self-image and triggers concern in new encounters. But remember, it takes just a quick glance, maybe five-seconds, for the person to judge you when you meet for the first time and it is almost unchangeable.

The Conversations between you and the person you are dating are based on verbal exchange. Don’t rush in asking questions, but prepare for them. Interesting questions is the best way to open the conversation and to keep it flowing. Use your common sense, and tell yourself – because it’s true – I CAN IMPRESS WITH MY INTUITIVE STYLE! But still, avoid total conformity in order not to lose the interesting part of your individuality and turn out to be ridiculous!

Remember, it is unchangeable:/

Bare in mind that the first impression you are giving can be nearly impossible to cancel out or undo, which means taking out the best of you in your first date is extremely important. For that, give more weight to your early-mentioned information than to later ones, and be in your most charismatic way at the beginning of the conversation. Remember, if he/she didn’t call you before going to bed the same day of the date, that means you was a total FAILURE!


Sarah A, Business student said, “All what I did is smiling, as they say smiling is a winner when it comes to great first dates. I had my mouth smiling and open all the time like this,”(she gave a big smile). “After all, it was a disaster, I was 15 years old.”
Mohannad Zahran, Interior Design student said, “It is weird to answer this question, since the person who is asking the question is my fiancé!’’
Stephany Bou Chdid, International Affairs student said, “I don’t date to have nightmares I examine too much before it even gets to a date.”

Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck F...

These simple pleasures guarantee you a more cheerful life.

By Weam Al Dakheel

Life has its own mysterious ways to be generous to you. It does offer you cheerful moments that are truly simple pleasures free with no charge. These joyful boost packages help you in carrying out your day with a smile on the face. But…the idea of you being sloppy to appreciate your precious pleasures shall only make you apart from them maybe in split seconds. It’s either you cross through them celebrating or not even anticipating!
For me, the simple pleasure in life happens when I wake up suddenly at night and realize I have more time to sleep before my 8-morning class.

Yes, it is a pleasure when I squint over at my mobile alarm clock and realize I still have more time to sleep, like 2 to 3 hours. A cozy ecstatic feeling shoots though my body as I glide back to my sweet dreams. I am like “YESSS”…What a feeling!
Trust me it is not a coincident; we are all gifted at certain moments in our lives. Simply make it sound like this: these simple things, forms one gigantic gift bubble that showers you with euphoric moments in life.
Some of LAU students were full of awareness in recognizing their simple pleasures in life. It took them seconds to answer the question with so much of spirit. Tomfoolery, sincerity, and extreme openness…They had it all!


Bader Qaddah, major Prelaw, said: “ when my Black Berry not ringing for the whole day.”
Mohammad Chbaklo, major Marketing, said: “ driving along the coast of Beirut in the morning.”
Hiba, said: “ I like the idea, but I won’t mention my last name so guys in campus wont know who I am and the weird pleasure I have (she laughs). This what came to my mind when you first asked me the question. It is the eye contact I do with cute guys in campus, and I like it. It comes and goes quickly with so much of joy.”
Ranya Ayache, major Psychology, said: “ I am truly grateful for every small thing in life, every moment is a simple pleasure.”
Anonymous, “ I can’t believe I am going to say this. When I swim naked… Taraaaaa.”
Eleena Korban, major Journalism, said: “ my simple pleasure in life is when I get into a cab and hit it off with the cab driver, it will make me smile for the rest of the day.”
Lama al-haqhaq, major Journalism, said: “ a good cup of coffee!”
Saad Kanaan, major Marketing, said: “ when I discover a good rap song has came out.”

Think… But Creative

Posted: May 10, 2010 in This Is Life

By Weam Al Dakheel

Creative Thinking

Why Creative thinking?
This kind of thinking that we all possess in our brains is the innate ability to recognize things around us and convey it into our own form of art. Distinction is what makes you a creative individual who sees new things from the same thing. It is your creative eye that enables you seeing with your own visual perception rather than obvious point of view, which is called ‘logical observation’ as seeing bird as a bird, tree as a tree, and fish as a dog… joking!! However, following the progress of your creative thinking, creative vision becomes as natural as breathing, and when this appears, you deserve to be called a creative individual.

So Lets start thinking!
What would you think of an apple? Red Fruit, Apple Candy, iPod, iPhone, MacBook logo, Adam and Eve, Apple Juice, Bloody Diamond …etc. Well, if you answers were similar to those above, then I am sorry to tell you that you are not considered as a creative human! And you need some tips:

1.Learn more about yourself in the way you understand things, topics, emotions, objects…etc. Deepen your self-knowledge by learning your real strengths, weaknesses, potentials, skills, and fears.

2.Find for yourself a place in creative hobbies (Drawing, reading, mountain climbing, photography, wood working…). Hobbies can also help you to find time to discover yourself in a very individualistic and original way.

3.Engage yourself outside your specialty. Use Awareness as your weapon in a strange world to you. And never give up on knowing things you actually don’t know.

Awareness is necessary for creative growth.
Awareness is your key. It is the essential gear to speed up the work of creativity and problem solving mechanism and the only savior when curiosity dies!

5 minutes

Take a couple of minutes, and imagine the world with everyone really thinking creative. How would it be? Again, think creative!
Good Luck☺


LAU Students Answer Odd Questions That Are Answers
To ask a question with no exact answer makes the question itself the answer

BY Weam Al Dakheel

No one would know the literal answers, perhaps even YOU yourself because sometime asking the right question would be the right answer but still with no answer for a question.
The real purpose of these questions bellow is to tease your brain with curiosity. When you give an answer you are actually connecting with your own conscious awareness in order to know more about who you are, what to do and where to go.
I am not evaluating you with the questions, I am just asking for self-reflecting thinking to foster your imaginative and process of thinking in order to have a better understanding to your brain ability and awareness.
And the oddity of the questions originates your creative curiosity that is teasing out of you new thinking with questions.
The Daily Tribune was curious to ask students on campus some of the questions to know how curiosity would lead to self-exploring thinking.

Am I alive or in fact living? Farah Ghandour, major Marketing, said: “lol I didn’t get the question!”

If you knew that no one would judge you in life, what sorts of action would you take now to judge yourself?
Helmi Sughayyar, major Computer Science, said: “ok weird question and a tough one…wait, wait. First I run on the street barefoot to feel free, and the sun hits all over my body to feel the power of earth. And I will be kissing and hugging everyone on the street as well.”

Why should I start with this but not that? Hassan Charafeldien, Interior Design, said: “ why! Because it is this not that! And why are you asking this question!”

If you can’t see, hear, sense and speak would you still be able to feel? khaled Mkhaiche, major Business, said: “What a question? Umm, maybe when you get used to it.”

Which is worse to you, to fear a person with hate or to hate him while fearing him? Salman Al Wadani, major Finance, said: “Umm to hate him with fear… I guess.”

Do you want to do the things right, or doing the right things right? Mohannad Zahran, major Interior Design, said: “Ok… wait again, again. Can you repeat that please? What about me not doing anything right?”

Do you have the known fear for the unknown fear? Helmi Sughayyar, major Computer Science, said: “Maybe possible! Sometimes in darkness I am afraid that a ghost would come to me and hunt me, but at the same time I don’t believe in ghosts. I never said or thought about that before, it is interesting. And I feel my answer is more complicated that the question itself (laughs)! These questions just made me think of something weird I have never thought about before.”