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The world is so silent that it feels vague, but I have the power to dig with my own hands and make the noise!


blue sky

When you look to yourself as a single unit in this entire world, you may absurd the ability to bring yourself back to realism. Realizing the details of your existence is the perfect way to believe in YOU.
My Answer:
I am Weam. I dream nothing to achieve it all.

” I think myself is too small comparing to the whole world,” this is how my friend Farah described herself when she truly knew herself after along soul trip. Well, geographically speaking it is even unseen with the naked eyes how small you are comparing to this universe Booby, but subconsciously speaking it is the complete opposite.
My Answer:
I am Weam. I think of myself as too big for this world.

Why am I alive? I am asking you to ask yourself. Why are you alive? For me, although I question excessively in life, it was a matter of living and knowing not knowing but living. I question around me, not me. And it is the time for me to work on knowing me before dedicating me knowing around me. It sounds complicated but still understandable to me but not around me.
My Answer:
I am Weam. No one can understand me!

Now can you question me, after I gave you my answers?

Spain, the World Champions:)

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Gerard Pique in Tears, After Spain's Euphoric Moment

Pepe Reina and Cesc Fabregas (left) in Barca Jersy! One day Fab

Sweet Dreams, true Dreamer:)

The wild couple (Iker, and Sara) being teased by Pepe

Nothing But Smiles:) Fabregas, Torres, Pepe, Xabi Alonso

Golden Tangos, for a Golden Cup!

Today Argentina had it all! From ball possession, correct passes, beautiful display with jubalani ( the ball of South Africa World Cup), and above all the win under the hands of Maradona. They qualified to the quarter finals and will play the Germans to weigh up more affirmation of being the favorites to cuddle the Golden Cup this year in South Africa.

World cup trophy

Even though Argentina’s number 10 MESSI doesn’t appear on the scoresheet, the maestro is behind every magical pass that leaded to 10 goals for Argentina!

The first goal was agreed offside, but still was an exciting goal! MESSI dinks the ball forward to Tevez (who was offside) and then Carlitos nods in the ball!! And it was a GOAAAAAL:)

Here are some some pictures (Argentina VS Mexica) as a visual
proposal from me to you.

Arg vs mex

Carlos fever goal in world cup

Lionel Messi of Argentina tackles Efrain Juarez of Mexico during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between Argentina and Mexico at Soccer City Stadium on June 27, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Messi world cup

First and Last Date

“Did I seem boring?” “Why is he staring at my mouth?” “When shall I kiss her,” “I need a mirror now” “How to fake my Laugh, if he said something silly!”

Those are some statements and questions that come to your mind while dating someone for the first time. Normally, it is an emotional reflection to boost your self-image and triggers concern in new encounters. But remember, it takes just a quick glance, maybe five-seconds, for the person to judge you when you meet for the first time and it is almost unchangeable.

The Conversations between you and the person you are dating are based on verbal exchange. Don’t rush in asking questions, but prepare for them. Interesting questions is the best way to open the conversation and to keep it flowing. Use your common sense, and tell yourself – because it’s true – I CAN IMPRESS WITH MY INTUITIVE STYLE! But still, avoid total conformity in order not to lose the interesting part of your individuality and turn out to be ridiculous!

Remember, it is unchangeable:/

Bare in mind that the first impression you are giving can be nearly impossible to cancel out or undo, which means taking out the best of you in your first date is extremely important. For that, give more weight to your early-mentioned information than to later ones, and be in your most charismatic way at the beginning of the conversation. Remember, if he/she didn’t call you before going to bed the same day of the date, that means you was a total FAILURE!


Sarah A, Business student said, “All what I did is smiling, as they say smiling is a winner when it comes to great first dates. I had my mouth smiling and open all the time like this,”(she gave a big smile). “After all, it was a disaster, I was 15 years old.”
Mohannad Zahran, Interior Design student said, “It is weird to answer this question, since the person who is asking the question is my fiancé!’’
Stephany Bou Chdid, International Affairs student said, “I don’t date to have nightmares I examine too much before it even gets to a date.”

Good Luck Chuck

Good Luck F...

By Weam Al Dakheel

Africa WC

14 – The number of FC Barcelona players that will be representing their countries at the World Cup.
Barça has sent off 14 players to South Africa – which is the most number by any club in all leagues. The next closest is Chelsea with 13 players.

Some of Barca's Players in the World Cup 2010

To know who is actually participating in the world cup, here is the list of Barcelona’s players:
Barcelona’s players that will be in South Africa are: Victor Valdes, Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol, Sergi Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Pedro Rodriguez and David Villa for Spain; Eric Abidal and Thierry Henry for France; Rafa Marquez for Mexico; Yaya Toure for the Ivory Coast; Dani Alves for Brazil; and Leo Messi for Argentina.

World Cup Groups:

Match Schedule


This is the first time that an African country will host the global Championship, and worldwide fans are already looking forward to this big football event! I just want to be there in 2010 if not then 2014 and see how all the 64 matches are played by the 32 international teams with MESSI centering his magic in Africa!!

Nelson Mandela, Africa's Liberator

Last Ticket Sales (Source FIFA official Website)

World Cup Tickets

From Friday, 28 May at 9.00am, there will be around 90,000 additional tickets for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ available for public sale across all 64 matches, including the Final, the Opening Game and the two Semi-Finals. In total there are about 160,000 tickets still available for the public via the current sales channels (, Call Centre, Ticketing Centres, FNB Branches and Shoprite/Checkers).

34,000 of these tickets are available in category 4 (the most affordable for South African residents only), 28,000 in category 3, 23,000 in category 2 and 75,000 in category 1. “For the Final there are only about 800 tickets left, but for other matches it’s up to a few thousands”, explained FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke.

So far 96% of the total of 2,88 million purchasable tickets have been sold. The additional 90,000 tickets for public sale have become available following the finalisation of seating arrangements at all FIFA World Cup™ match venues, after the final stadium inspections have been completed, and further adjustments of different ticket allocations.

WC 2010

So, who do you think will be make a big buzz in South Africa World Cup? Will Messi rise above Maradona’s coaching confusion, and shut up Argentinean journalists and haters? Will Villa explode his excitement as a BARCA player for next season? Will Xavi get the recognition he deserves as FIFA world player before finishing his career? Will Yaya give Guardiola a surprise, and convince BARCA that he is the right defensive midfielder in Camp Nou? Will Henry make his last World Cup as the icing on top of his career, and forget Irish people their bitterness about that dratted hand with good football?

Share your predictions, explanations, fears, wishes, judgements and facts in the comment box!

By Weam Al Dakheel

How do Arabs deal with their required spatial use?

arab world

Edward Hall demonstrates in “The Arab World” a detailed evolution of the use of space, the correlated relationship between culture and perceptive of space. Additionally, he explains how Americans are experiencing the lack of understanding of what space, spatial needs and requirements means to cultural differences in the Arab region. Additionally, Hall combined the terms “proximity” and “paradox” in his analysis to mean a study of man’s use of space as a part of his culture. As he explained how Arabs are not experiencing any kind of outside ego and self-permission in which they evaporate their own ego down inside the body while interacting with the external world. He gave an example while referring to self-permission referring to the Arabic equivalent word to rape. Surprisingly, he was out of parallel terms in which I absolute disagree with him. Rape is listed in the prohibited agenda in the Arab world that calls for death penalty in some cases, and it is a major subject matter in customary humanitarian law.


Further more, Edward turned to explain how Arab live in a wide-open private sphere that made them more liberated in the public sphere in a way, distracting and eliminating others from their own security and privacy. He described the space inside the Arab homes as a huge structure comparing to the American standers with no partition to produce a sense of intimacy and family relationship. On the contrary, most of the Arab families are considered conservative, the concept of gender mixing is unacceptable from a very young age especially inside the house, for example, sharing the bedrooms and sleeping in same beds, showering or using the same bathroom. Therefore, houses in the Arab world are well known with their separation and disconnecting formation to avoid any interaction between males and females especially in the private gender sector.

gender segregation

Overall, I disagree in many personal concepts the author has demonstrated in this article especially after conceiving lots of personal comment and subjective perspectives that are sprinkled throughout the text. As a result, Edward hall seemed totally prejudiced, biased, subjective, one-sided, insufficient that lacked the well-built foundation to prove his claims right to different sides of readers with uncorrupted examination.

arab and proud

I believe that Arabism is a conceptual ideology that will only reflect societal perception on how Arabs answer the question of their own existence, and then believe why they actually survived as Arabs!!